Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report

hi there for the last 2 weeks we have been leaning what is a Non Chronological Report we have been witteing them as will and that is way I am doing this blog today. this was really hard but I did my best that I cod. here it is hope you like it it's all about me selling a shoe!!!


What are we saling???
Hi my name is Liam I am from the Nike CEO and I am here to till you there is a new pair of Nike
hiperveinhims coming out and they will be in store in 1 week from now. This will be a big sale because this will be Nikes 500 pair of sports shoes that have put out on sale. We will be putting him out on sale online on our online customers firsted.

What will they been to your life???  
Now it’s time for me to till you some things about this pair of sports shoes that we are sailing in 1 week. First of all they are rugby boots they are blue with red bottom of the shoes. They  have a red Nike tig on them with a black outside of the Nike tig they have black insides with red lasit. On the bodem they have silver medal sids all of the pairs of boots that we have made will be coming in different sizes from kids size to someone how has the biggest fleet in the word. The shoes will be made out of very thick leader on the outside but on the inside there will be some wool to keep our feet nice and worm but the best thing is that you can take it out and put whatever you would like to put in there.


We will be selling this pair of sports shoes for kids size 79.99$ but for bigger then kids size it will be 124.99$

This is the end of this report about the new pair of Nike hiperveinhims that are coming out in 1 week from now and remember that there will be a 25% off the boots and you can get them rit now online.

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