Friday, September 21, 2018

My Narrative Post Test 2018

Hey guys this week for our writing we have been doing our Narrative post-tests for this year. My one is about weird things in the forest. I am going to be doing 2 or 3 parts to this Narrative I think that I have gotten a good start to this story. For me can you please comment if there are any week points in my story. I hope that you like my Narrative story. There it is by now enjoy.
The weird things in the forest

James was just a teen he loved to hang with his mates, play sport and go on some adventures.\
But there was one adventure that he could not go on, no one could go on this adventure.
It was something that the town hall that seed that no one can go into the forest because it is too dangerous. It was something James had always wanted to do. But he knows if
he did he would get arrested for trespassing. Something happened in that forest a few\
years an ago something came from in the forest and then someone went missing in the forest the police and the government went and tried to found the person that went missing they could not found them. Then 4 policeman went missing. The whole thing was that some kids was Biking home and then one of them sore something so they went to have we look and that is when he went missing.
To James, there was something about that forest that just creeped him out. It was a dark forest peoplewould go hunting there but then people started disappearing and that's when they banned hunting in the forest. Because they thought it was just bears but when they went to look for the
bears there was died bears and no bullets or scars. It just died and it was next to a lake and there was food and water and all the fish in the lake where died to for some reason. There were no Bullet
s no arrows no cuts or scars. Then they made it so that no one can even go in the forest for health and safety reasons and some who they have never found the bodies of the people that went
missing the police have called him died.

Just a few days ago James friend Mack went missing and he was last seen going into the forest but no one could go and look for them because no one can go into the forest at all. People are starting to think that the forest is magical and people think that the forest lewis people into it and something will happen to the people and some people are thinking of the most Gruesome things imaginable. Until now someone is going to go into the forest. James and some of his friends had been planning it for a long time now and they think that now is the time to do it.
Tonight they are going to head into the forest and then they will cover the whole forest to
see if they can found anything weird at all in the forest.

There are about 15 people coming with James, they friends of James friends basically they were going to go when it is about 9:30 pm at night. It was time to get really they had guns and lots of weapons because who no’s what can be in this forest. Everyone had at let 2 weapons we were going to move as a group as a big group. It was time for us to go into the forest we walked into the first there had been an old place where the park rangers would way but now it was abandoned we were going to go there first to try and find something. We all have radios so when we get lost we can try and find each other hopefully. When we got to the park rangers office we had a look inside Stuff had been thrown all over the floor for some reason but wwhen looked for things that looked unusual to us. But there was something on the wall it was a body!!!

Continues in part 2 of
the weird things in
the forest

super rugby

This week the super rugby cup came to our school. It comes every year I got a photo last year and this year as well. I think that it is very cool that we get to have the super rugby cup come to school because then we can learn about our home team the Canterburyrbursy Cusaders. I like the Crusaders myself I have watched every game that the Crusaders have played this season. I got a photo of me with the super rugby cup to show you as well there it is. It looks really cool. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

maths blog

this week we are doing three in a row are our maths investerginan. what we had to do was make sure we do not do three in a row. So that is what we had to do for this maths investerginan. I have gone and I have taken some photos of the side that I and my group did it on here it is hope you like it and also we had to do in a shape, here are the photos by now hope you like it. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

waste not, want not

Last week in Rimu class we started our new inquiry about rubbish, it is called ´Waste not,  Want not. We started by going into a group of seven and we brainstormed our ideas about how we think the rubbish is damaging our word and how we can fix it. Then after that, we went and got our computers and we made a slide about our facts we learned. We had to do our PMIs and write,  positives, minuses, and improvements of how our group worked together.

This week we did something different. We worked in our groups. We went into our groups which were the same as last weeks groups. We got some paper and the teacher put some headings our group was Oceans. We had to wite how to fix the problem of rubbish in our oceans. Then we would pass it on to the next group so they could put down there ideas. I hope you like my side.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

This weeks maths investigation QwikQure Medicine

Hi, this week we have been doing our maths investigation and it is all about QwikQure Medicine. These are the maths skill we used during this maths investigation, timetables, minimizing, pulsing, and lots more math skills. Here are some photos of my work please tell me if I have got something wore, hope you like my work. here is a photo of the instructions for the work.


Friday, August 24, 2018


last week we did our speeches and I did mone about how I think that woman in sports should get paid the same as men do there it is hope you like it.

Hey girls did you ever play sport for your Country and realise that you were not getting paid as much as the men where. Hi my name is Liam and I am here to talk to you about how I think that in sport female athletes should get paid the same amount as the men do. I think this because only just lately now in New Zealand, New Zealand women rugby players will getting payed to play so they will be getting contracts for the first time it in New Zealand rugby history. But they are not getting paid the same amount as the men are. As you can see this speech is all about the woman should be getting paid the same amount of money as the men do. Also if you won the Olympics and realise that you weren't getting paid as much as I men we're in the same competition as you I think that you would not like that at all. There are some reasons why I think that female athletes Should get paid the same amount as the men do.

  1. There is no different it's just gender so why can't they get paid the same amount as a men do.
  2. It's just like Tennis we don't know if the men are Better
then the the female Tennis players so they should just get paid the same.
  1. Aslo last year the Australian football team went on strike because they were not being paid the same amount as men were.
  2. Now the Australian women's cricket team and now getting paid hundred thousand dollars a year.
   These are my reasons why I think that female athletes should get paid the same amount    
as the male athletes do. I hope that this can happen Because I really see no reason why the female athletes should get paid the same amount as the men do. Thank you for listening to my speech.

our trip to the ECO site

On Wednesday we went to the ECO site it was really cool. First, we went to the ECO site, it was where we learned about all of the rubbish. I think that it was a good learning experience to be able to learn all about recycling, reducing, recover, residual disposal and how the machinery works.  Here is a slide and some photos of what we did. The slide is our collaborative group work.  We went to the ECO shop and we had $500 dollars to spend on what we would have in our flat.