Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Hooked on books week

This week is Hooked on books week and on Monday we were reading a book called Liars. it is all about a boy who made a app that can tell you if someone is ling to you. It can tell because it can tell from the why the person is talking and it can tell from the why the person is looking like if the phone can see the persons face. When someone Lias the phone will beep. I like the book it is like a murder book and in the beaging of the book the main charter is in a car driving back from school at night and they get rammed into bye some old man and the old man was tiring to kill them. We only get to read about the for one day because every day beens a new book. There is a photo of the box that the book came in bye.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Hi there this for the last um lets just say forever we have been doing inquiry about plastic. I have been thinking about putting in my sub questions. My inquiry is about plastic in our oceans. before it was just about plastic and it was too boring so I made it about plastic in our oceans. But I was thinking I was doing this blog that it was going to take up too much space. so I'm just going to do one sub question when I was doing this sub question I think that I did very well. But maybe next week I can put in all the other sub question maybe for my next blog bye now. 
Sub question 1 : how much plastic does it take to kill sea animals
(Information that answers the sub question)

once a sea turtle as eaten 200 bits of plastic there is no way to save it no matter what you do and that is very sad. I have not been able to found out how much plastic does it take to kill a sea animal but I have found out that in Australia when they found turtles 22% of all the turtles in Australia have eaten plastic which to me is very sad. there have been over 1,000 turtles found die on the coast of Australia. when a turtle eats 14 bits of plastic the chances of a dying increase up to 50%.   

it’s in the 2nd paragraph


On Monday I went to zones for aleties it was really fun. I was felling very nervous because this was going to be my first time ever going to zones for aleties. I went for the 80 meter spinet and the long distance race which for the year 7/8´s is 1200 meters. In the 80 meter spinet I came 2nd to last. Then in the long distance I came 2nd to last as well. I think that I did very well at zones. There is some photos from when we went to zones bye.   


Friday, November 9, 2018

novel study side

Last week we started our novel study. I was reading shambles. The story is about a dog that runs away from his owner. He also comes and found some really cool people like, a fisherman, a surfer and a homeless man. We were giving a google slide of stuff to do for our novel study. There is lots of sides that we have to do but that is okay because I think that I have gotten a very good start to my work. I hope that you like my work and just to let you know that I have only done up to side 8. But hope that you like my work. Do you do any Novel Study in your class? Bye.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

we went sailing

On Friday we went sailing at lake Rua. The lake is only about 10 minutes past the airport. When we got to lake Rua we had to go and sat down, then they teach us how to rig the boat. Then we went and rigged it. We were in groups of three. In my group it was Teegan, Ian, and Me. Me and Teegan kept making jokes just for the sake of it And it turns out the jokes that we made about sailboat were really good. Me and Teegan just kept Practicing turning and using the throttle rope after we had finished setting up are boat. Then it was morning tea time and we had some food to eat. After morning tea the instructors got in the dienes and took some boats offer to where we were going to get them from. We all raced over to the little we dock that we were going to get them from. Then we got some life jackets and put them on. Then we all hoped in to our boats there were only 3 boats that could be out at one time because there were only three instructors out there. Me and Hunter were helping bring in the boats and then send him back out it was a really fun experience to go sailing I went out maybe about three or four times the first two times. I went out with instructor then the next two I went out on my own it was really fun. I would definitely do it again. At 2:00 o'clock we had to get out and take the boat's back then we went into a container and got changed then we hopped on the bus and head back to school it was so much fun.  

Friday, November 2, 2018

my maths work

Last week we finished our maths side and this week we are starting a new maths side. The one that we did was called measurement and geometry. I did not finish my side because I was in Rarotonga on a holiday with my family. I found that getting the sides done was really hard because I had been away and also I was founding the questions hard to do. I think that I have improved in my measurement and some working out. I think that next time I should maybe do some at home so that I can make sure that I can be up to date with what I need to do. There is my side hope that you like it and just to let know I tried my best and I think that I did a good job on it by now. P.S I only did up to side 14.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


This week we have been doing a lot of recounts. So we are going to blog about our recounts. I'm doing my Athletics recount that we did on Monday. I think that I did very well on my Athletics recount. What I found hard was putting it into chronological order. But I think that I did very well at doing it. I have learned how to put bits of writing into chronological order. I think that I have improved on my full stops the most and I am very happy about that because I have been trying to be able to put full stops into my stories for a long time. I hope that you like my recount there it is bye.

Today is Athletics day and I am so pumped for it. The first thing that we had to do was go out onto the court. Then Mr. Robinson did his usual speech which was really really boring. Then when he finished the year 7/8 boys and girls went to discuss. My best throw was 10 meters and 80 centimeters. Last year I throw 8.79 meters and I got first I'm my year level. Which I thought was really good.

Then after all of us were finished throwing we all went off to sprints. In the first race, we did 80 meters I got 3rd in that race. Then in the 100-meter sprint, I got 2nd. Then we went over to high jump and I was so bad my best is 97 cm but sadly I only made it up to 93 cm and I had to get 1.10 meters to go to zones for the high jump so yeah I would probably need a miracle to get that.

After the high jump we went to long jump and actually, I kind of did okay I got 2 meters and 73 cm I was proud of myself for getting that because I am very bad at long jump. But this time I did okay for once in my life so yeah.

Then it was our final event for Athletics so I said to myself, come on Liam give it our best shot yeah get it because it’s called shot put, man I'm funny. But I think that I did do okay I throw a good 7.31 meters and I was really proud of myself because last year I throw 5.36meters in shot put so that is a big improvement from what I got last year.

Well, that is my Athletics day done and dusted for 2018 and overall I think that I did better than I think I was going to get in all of the events. But sadly I still have to do the 1000 meter race that I did last year and I got 2nd from years 4 to 6 and first in my year group but this year it is 1200 meters race so which me luck.